Super Bowl Wins: Who’s Got the Most?

While Green Bay Packers fans may boast about having the most world championships, it's true that the Super Bowl is a relative youngster. While NFL title games have been played since the 1930s, Packer fans can only say they own three Super Bowl wins.

Which team has won the most Super Bowls? That honor goes to two teams including the Packers' opponent in Super Bowl XLV, the Pittsburgh Steelers who have won the big game six times in seven tries. That's an amazing record. The 2011 Super Bowl will be the Steelers' 8th appearance. They've been there better than once in every eight games.

The list of Super Bowl winners also includes the Dallas Cowboys who have also been to eight Super Bowl games, the last coming in 1995. Dallas is 5-3 in those contests.

Behind the Steelers in Super bowl wins are the San Francisco 49ers. While the Niners haven't been back since 1994, they've never lost a Super Bowl (5-0).

Three teams including the Packers, have three Super Bowl victories. The Pack has the best win percentage of those teams with a 3-1 mark heading into Super Bowl XLV. The Redskins and Raiders also own three wins while the Miami Dolphins have been to the championship game five times but have only won twice. Miami's 17-0 team from 1972, however, is generally considered the finest team of all-time. The Dolphins have to hang on to those memories though. They haven't been back since Dan Marino was a kid--1984.

The NFC has won 23 times--the AFC 21. So it's been a close rivalry, dating back to the NFL-AFL rivalry prior to the 1970 merger that brought both rival leagues together.

There have been many outstanding NFL teams but Super Bowl wins are how franchise greatness has been measured since Vince Lombardi's teams kicked off what is now America's greatest sporting event.