Packers Super Bowl Merchandise: Best Deals

If you live in Wisconsin, finding Packers Super Bowl merchandise is pretty easy if you're willing to fight the crowds. But there's a big, bright beautiful Titletown world out there beyond the often pricey "Pro Shops" or department store racks...whether you live in Ashwaubenon or Arizona.

Online is the way to go these days. Sit back, relax, shop in your PJs and find what you need while comparing prices and having it delivered right to your door. What's better than that?

Packers Super Bowl merchandise is driving the economy in Wisconsin and there are a few reasons for that. It's been awhile. People really, really like this team. And they always want to add something new to their collecton of Packers apparel, accessories or memorabilia.

So where to buy? There are some phenomenal online sites that have Packers autographs, jackets, mini-helmets and other standard stuff as well as a huge selection of Packers Super Bowl merchandise.

Let's start with the two giants. and sellers who use it to move material have added hundreds of items since Super Bowl XLV. You can check everything out, by category and they even have a Super Bowl XLV store. Click here to check it out.

You can find over 6,000 Packers Super Bowl items on eBay---including some very cool items from the Lombardi era and, of course, the last three championship games.  We've sorted through it and you can click here to see what's available, sorted by category.  You can also use the direct links to various categories of Packers items being sold on eBay right here on Pack Fanatics.  Just look to the right.

We've grown to love another large--and rapidly growing--site that specializes in NFL team memorabilia.  They have some very cool Packers Super Bowl XLV merchandise including photos from the win over the Steelers, signed Super Bowl mini helmets, shirts and everything else.  About nine pages worth.  The name of the place is Football Fanatics which should pretty much tell you everything you need to know.