Packers in Post-Super Bowl Talk Show Spotlight

Win a Super Bowl and you have plenty of people lined up to talk to you. For the Green Bay Packers, winning Super Bowl XLV and the stories that came along with it, have proven to be an irresistible hook. First up was Aaron Rodgers, who appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman Monday night, taping the segment less than 24 hours after he hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in Dallas.

Rodgers was his typical low-key self as he discussed a variety of topics with Dave and had some fun:

Clay Matthews left the Return to Titletown celebration at Lambeau Field and headed straight to Los Angeles where he appeared on the tonight Show with Jay Leno Wednesday night.

Matthews is basking in the sudden glory just a few years removed from being a backup and special teams player at USC. He's at ease in front of the camera and comes across as willing to have fun. Watch the two-part segment below:

Matthews wasn't done, though. He was off to Ellen De Generes' talk show for the second time during the season. Ellen was unabashedly rooting for the Pack in the Super Bowl after Matthews appeared on her show the first time. She presented him with some gold boxer shorts, which he wore in his return visit.

The show also put together some funny props that made sport of Matthews' famous long hair, which has become a favorite topic on the talk show circuit.

Greg Jennings got an invitation to Lopez Tonight on TBS and showed off his enthusiasm in a six-minute interview that touched on a number of different subjects. Jennings could be in line for some great endorsements. He's warm, personable and enthusiastic.