Packers Autographs: What’s Available and Where to Get Them

Even in years when they haven’t won a Super Bowl, Packers autographs are among fans’ most sought after collectibles.  It’s great to have a poster, a program and some trinkets, but there’s nothing quite like a nice collection of 8x10 autographed photos, some signed helmets or autographed jerseys and footballs.

It’s great to chase autographs at training camp, but realistically, it’s often a time consuming, challenging quest and the quality of signatures you get isn’t always the best.  Not only that, but you run the risk of your items being damaged as you lug them around.

Buying autographs may not be quite as much of a thrill but if your game plan is to build a meaningful collection of quality items you can hand off to your kids or relatives at some point, shopping online offers an easy way to do that.  You’ll get quality merchandise, delivered to your door that’s fully authenticated and in mint condition.

But what to buy?

The great thing about being a Packer fan is that you have endless options.  You can add items from all eras.  You can concentrate on the Lombardi years.  You can chase autographs from the championship teams.  You can go after your favorite players from the current generation.  There are no rules and all kinds of ways to start or build a great collection.

Several websites offer high quality signed Packers memorabilia.  They have contracts with the players to autograph a certain number of items.

Photographs are probably the most common autographed Packers items to buy—and they’re usually the cheapest.  Among the more famous photos are the Ice Bowl sneak by Bart Starr.  You often find them signed by those who were in on the play.

You can buy individual autographed player photos from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s and present day players.  Who doesn’t want an Aaron Rodgers autographed photo?  A horde of Vince Lombardi signed checks made it into the market place years ago and believe it or not, they’re quite reasonable in price and very cool when included as part of a framed display piece.

Autographed footballs, of course, are a staple of the collector’s market.  You can find Packers autographed footballs from the likes of Clay Matthews and Donald Driver.  You’ll need a little more display space for signed balls but they’re still among the nicest display pieces.

If you’ve got a little more room, Packers autographed jerseys can be the highlight of your collection.  There’s nothing like the green and gold hanging in a frame with a big, bold autograph on the number.  You could try building a collection of signed Packer quarterback jerseys.  Start with Starr, move up to Dickey, then on to Majkowski and Favre (who signed a ton of jerseys) and then on to Rodgers.

Helmets come in two varieties:  mini and full-size.  For space and cost reasons, many go with the mini helmets, which come in boxes and can be stacked.  They’re colorful and players like signing them.  An Aaron Rodgers signed mini-helmet is among the most sought after pieces of Packers memorabilia following Super Bowl XLV.  In fact, you can buy a Super Bowl 45 logo helmet with Rodgers signature on it right now.  Full-size helmets are great if you have a little extra space.  Helmets have always been among the most popular of  Green Bay Packers Autographed Memorabilia.

There are other things you can use for Packers autographs, but if you ever decide to re-sell, items like these are the standard and will make your life much easier. alone has over 1800 Packers autographed items available.  Click here to see them all.