Green Bay Packers Jewelry

Green Bay Packers jewelry offers an excellent means to gift some one you love with a little green and gold fashion.  There are number of items sold with the insignia of the team.

Designers have gotten creative over the years, offering a variety of looks including  earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, rings and crystal pendants. They are offered in very attractive designs that suit the spirit of the modern design as well as classic looks.  Some use the iconic "G" logo; others go the cheesehead route.  Many are available in range of prices that is quite affordable.  You can find Packers jewelry for as little as $3-4 via eBay.  If you want something that's a conversation piece, there are replica Packers Super Bowl rings.

There's a charm bracelet that can be bought via eBay for $129 that's quite unique.  It's licensed by the NFL, and features 13 handcrafted interchangeable charms plated with 24K-gold and shimmering sterling silver.  It is embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals.  Each charm is a little different.  From a Packers jersey and a helmet with the Packers logo to a football, each makes up a unique and stylish piece of Packers jewelry. It's in a velvet jeweler's pouch and deluxe gift box, perfect for safekeeping and gift giving.

Coolest thing for guys?  How about a men's watch with the Packers schedule programmed into it!  The Game Time NFL Schedule Watch comes pre-programmed with the entire NFL schedule.  You'll never have to ask what time the Packers are playing...and if you're busy, it even  plays the national anthem when the game starts as a reminder. At the touch of a button, you can scroll through the schedule for the Packers or any other NFL team. Look ahead to see future games any day of the season, or look back at games already played. In addition, each NFL Schedule Watch is programmed with the results of past Super Bowls, so you can keep up with the history of the NFL.  And yes, it can be programmed to be updated each season. By using the specially designed USB connector included with each watch, you can connect your Schedule Watch to a computer to download the next season's schedule into your watch via the internet.

By sifting through the hundreds of listings on eBay, you can find a huge assortment of Packers jewelry for men and women at the best online prices.